Our Portfolio

Finance & Accounting

We keep your books in order and make available of information on real time basis. Our basic work will include data entry, cash book management, bank reconciliation, general ledgers, trial balance and final accounts. We focus in clearing back log cases to ensure the accuracy of records. Our consultants will guide you and your people in handling accounting functions with “do it right at first time” method. We conduct a check and balance test in every transaction as we do a walk through process. To run a smooth operation, all organizations in matters of size, need to implement budget and cash flow forecast. This will guide the business to drive at the optimum level. It will also help to shift the business movements in accordance with market change. We advice our clients to adopt the appropriate methods during business operations on individual basis.

We specialize in legal accounting which is governing the Solicitor Account Rule. A proper client account management such as disbursement, stakeholders and other legal deposit. To comply with statutory regulation due to the latest amendments.

Our advisory work also includes tax planning as well as compliance with other government regulatory such as GST (Customs), Withholding taxes, Export of services claims and etc. We also involved in market analysis work and grant applications apart from business and assets financing.

Internal Audit

This is another area that not only MNC’s but also SME’s and even sole proprietors should be focused on. We conduct a comprehensive internal audit to ascertain the actual process flow and ensure that it complies with required guidelines.

Our principal consultant will make recommendations to business owners on how to improve controls on every movement in the business. This will eliminate misappropriation of job functions. From here, SOP’s can be built to meet administration requirement.

Due Diligence, Mergers & Acquisition

TimurWest Consultant provides Due Diligence services for clients who wish to acquire or plan to merge with another organization. We specialize on legal and finance and because this are the two most popular area where one needs to look into seriously. We track old records and match them to the future planning and potential development. By doing this the new shareholders will be able to focus on improvising a sector and knows what is coming in future. Sudden Financial surprises is what a new business wish to avoid. To value add our services , we will assist the new team in the operation for the next 6 to 12 months with no charge. Why ? Because we don’t want any failure in business.

IT Audit

TimurWest Consultant is does work in the IT audit field for clients requiring such services. The needs of companies are increasingly computerized, IT audits are a necessity to ensure information-related controls and processes are working properly. The primary objectives of an IT audit include:-

Evaluate the systems and processes in place that secure company data
Identify risks to a company’s information assets, and help identify methods to minimize those risks
Ensure IT processes are in compliance with company policies and standards
Identify inefficiencies in IT systems and associated management

Risk Management

Business is exposed to risk at anytime but not all risk is bad. We need to access them carefully before making judgments. What is needed to be done is risk factors are leveraged at some point of time, so, there is a benchmark.

Our consultants will guide clients to leverage on bad risks so opportunity cost is not missed. Risk management also could be tended on human capital services. Fundamentals of risk are very important for everyone before making any decision.